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Left to right: Derp, Trollface, Awesomeface

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Meme ShowEdit

The Meme Show is a show that ran from 2013-2019 on Nickelodeon and the Meme Network, focusing on three young memes (named Awesomeface, Trollface, and Derp) as they have misadventures in Internetville and their school. This show is famous for it's style of humor which is similar to Family Guy.



  • Awesomeface: An 11 year old awesomeface. He is a large daredevil, and does stunts constantly. The leader of the three friends. He says "Epic" a lot.
  • Trollface: 12 year old trollface. He pranks the other two very often and also listens to rock and metal a lot.
  • Derp: 11 year old derp face who has an IQ of 50 and tends to overreact. Despite this he is a lovable character.


  • Ms Sweg: Teacher of Internetville Middle School. She is a rainbow Thomas the Tank Engine that speaks in a text-to-speech kind of voice with multiple misspelled words, similar to Dolan Duck Show. Usually never gets the job of teaching anything right; instead simply teaching "How 2 Rek Skrubz."
  • Principal Shrek: The principal of Internetville Middle School. He is an SFM-style Shrek.
  • Doge: Derp's pet dog who speaks in sentences like this: "Dank T-shirt. Much sweg." He plays a common part in the running gags of the show. He is a fan favorite.
  • Forever Alone Guy: A character that keeps annoying the main characters about how he is forever alone. Once dated Derp.
  • Nyan Cat: Friend of the main characters. He is absolutely obsessed with videogames, pop-tarts, rainbows, anime, trucks, donuts, pillows, construction equipment, and cactuses. He is a very weird character and can say very random things.
  • Super Minecraft Kid: Evil Minecraft fanboy.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Grumpy Cat: Trollface's cat.
  • Garfielf: Student at Internetville Middle School.
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (pronunced Lenny Face): Student at Internetville Middle School.
  • Spodermen: Student at Internetville Middle School.
  • omfg lets blaz al teh skrubszz!!!: CoD player in Internetville Middle School.
  • Carrot: Talking carrot in Derp's dreams.

One Time CharactersEdit





  • US: TV-Y7, TV-PG



The Meme Movie, a movie based off the show, was released in 2016 in theaters.

  • IMdB rating: 7.5/10
  • Metacritic: 68/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 78% (Fresh)










  • None of anyone's parents have been seen on the show.
  • DankMLGMemes said he got the idea from just browsing on KnowYourMeme.
  • The show constantly gets away with adult jokes (even a rape joke once.)
  • It references many classic rock songs and parodies many movies.
  • Ms. Sweg was originally going to be Principal Shrek's wife but the idea was scrapped.
  • The show is famous for it's occasional live-action footage and CGI and stopmotion footage.